Residues of veterinary drugs and heavy metals in bovine meat from Urabá (Antioquia, Colombia), a promising step forward towards international commercialization

Veterinary drugs are used for disease control in bovines Their presence at acceptable levels is a cause of concern
for consumers and control agencies, as well as being a limitation for accessing international markets. The
objective of this research was to evaluate the presence of residues of veterinary drugs and heavy metals in meat
cuts from the Urab´a region in Colombia. From a total of 80 samples of meat cuts from the loin and neck, we
determined the presence of 29 veterinary drug residues and of cadmium and lead. The drug residues were
quantified by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry. Heavy metals were measured by electrothermal
atomic absorption. As a result, all evaluated samples complied with Colombian and European regulations
for drug residues and heavy metals. These results demonstrate good veterinary practices used for bovines
raised in this part of Colombia, and they represent an export opportunity and an opening for new markets that
can be enhanced by the implementation of a meat quality seal from this region.
Autores: Diego Alonso Restrepo Molina, Jairo Humberto López Vargas, Jesús Alfredo Berdugo Gutierrez, Andrés Gallo-Ortiz, Yudy Duarte-Correa.
Publicado en: Veterinary and Animal Science

Veterinary drugs and heavy metals

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